For our current contract the UTSWC negotiation team utilized our survey, multiple sources of information, and discussions with our membership to build the rationale for the proposals found in the attached document.  We acknowledge that there are more concerns and interests than represented in these current proposals.  Thank you for taking the time to stay informed as we continue to negotiate!



2-1-19 Update

UTSWC negotiators have attended a certified training and will now be attending the Education Minnesota Collective Bargaining and Organizing Conference.  Our team has started meeting already and will meet with the district team near the middle of February.  The district negotiators include three school board members (Heather Hirsch, Katie Schwartz, and Sharon Van Leer), an assistant superintendent (Kristine Schaefer), a financial director (Dan Pyan), the director of Human Resources (Kevin Witherspoon) and a district lawyer (Kevin Rupp). Our UTSWC negotiators would like to thank you for staying connected and informed.  







2019 Negotiators

David Donnelly

Marty Fridgen

Nick Jasiczek

Kristi Johnson

Lisa Lanik

Diane Schultz

Tony Vega - Education Minnesota